Job Title:  Administrator

General Function:  Administration of the day to day operations of the Middle-Snake-Tamarac Rivers Watershed District under the general direction of the District’s Board of Managers.

Salary:  $50,000 – $81,000

Accountability:  Board of Managers

Authorities:  Supervise employees of the District. Prepares budgets, implements policy as directed by the Board of Managers, evaluates the performance of staff members and provides overall control and direction for the personnel function of the District, including active participation in or approval of personnel action. 


A.  Manage, supervise and be in charge of the Administration of District activities, including but not limited to:

  1. Provide assistance to the District secretary and treasurer including payroll, disbursements and records.
  2. Provide information and assistance to residents of the District with related problems.
  3. Provide information, assistance, and work with, when necessary, governmental agencies.
  4. Assure each project/petition progressing in planned schedule.

B.  Shall carry out the directives and objectives of the Board of Managers of the District. This includes, but not limited to:           

  1. Arrange for supportive information to the Board for items on the agenda.
  2. Carry out Board actions, as directed by Board with assistance from the President.
  3. Provide progress reports on all Board directives and project activities as necessary to the mission of water management.
  4. Supervise Consulting Engineers with progress steps for active projects with persons or agencies involved.
  5. Make recommendations to the Board for orderly and efficient improvements of the administrative and operational procedures.
  6. Provide the necessary recommendations on budgets and projected fund levies.
  7. Assist and cooperate with appointed committees.
  8. Provides opportunities and recommendations for ongoing training for Board and staff.

C.  Attend meetings to keep informed on matters regarding the District


D.  The above authority and responsibilities of the Administrator shall be subject only to such policies as may be adopted and such orders as may be issued by the Board of Managers.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Working knowledge of computers and software programs (such as Excel, Word, and Quick Books)
  • Knowledge or experience with Minnesota Drainage Law
  • Experience in Personnel Management and Project Management
  • Extensive experience in engineering, construction inspection and knowledge of field equipment
  • Communication Skills
  • Valid Minnesota Driver’s License


On an annual basis, the Board of Managers will conduct an employee evaluation by assigning a performance score of 5 to 1 to each assigned duty listed above. The evaluation may also include a written narrative.

 The rating scale is:

 5 – Excellent routinely goes above and beyond all expectations

 4 – Exceeds expectations

 3 – Meets expectations

 2 – Improvement is needed

 1 – Fails to meet expectations