MSTRWD History

The District was established as the Middle River Snake River Watershed District on August 28, 1970 with approximately 1,020 square miles in Marshall, Polk and Pennington Counties. The District was located in the Red River of the North basin. It was established in response to repeated flooding and to inadequate drainage in the area.  In 1973, the District acquired jurisdiction of several drainage systems. In the 1990’s to 2000, the District constructed 4 ditches. In 2010, the District acquired 2 more ditches. The total amount of ditch miles is nearly 340.

In 2002 the Board of Water & Soil Resources (BWSR) approved a petition to add the Tamarac River Watershed to the District. The number of Managers was increased from 5 to 7. The name was changed from the Middle River Snake River to the Middle-Snake-Tamarac Rivers Watershed District and it increased in size to approximately 1,476 square miles. It is located in the Red River of the North basin in Marshall, Polk, Pennington, Kittson, and Roseau counties.

The District constructed its first floodwater damage reduction impoundment, to temporarily store floodwater, in 1983. In 2000 its second impoundment was constructed. A PL-566 project to construct a Snake River diversion ditch around the town of Warren and another impoundment were finalized in 2006. Then in 2010 the largest impoundment was constructed. Finally, in 2013 our newest impoundment became operational. All of the impound locations have been towards the eastern 1/3 of the District.