Permit Rules & Regulations

The requirement for a permit from the Managers for certain uses of water or for certain works within the District is not intended to delay or inhibit development, rather the permits are needed so that the Managers are kept informed of planned projects.  The Managers can advise, in some cases provide assistance and insure that development of the resources of the District is orderly and in accordance with the overall plan of the District.

 MSTRWD adopted the Amended Rules, dated     September 7, 2021. 

MSTRWD Amended Rules


  • This includes:
    • Works Not Requiring Permits
    • Works Requiring Permits
    • Works Administratively Approved
    • Permit Requirements
    • Permit Procedures
    • Permit Extension
    • Permit Transfer
    • Permit Reconsideration
    • After-the-Fact Permit

Applications must be submitted by noon, Wednesday, before the following Board Meeting.

Adequate time for review of the permits shall be not less than 3 working days prior to the regular scheduled board meeting.  Permits that are received that do not have sufficient time for the District Staff or the Engineer to review, shall be addressed at the next scheduled meeting.