Policy Committee

Committee Meeting

The Policy Committee will hold a Hybrid Meeting on Wednesday April 21, 2021 at 11:00 AM. If you would like to attend this meeting in person it will be held at the Marshall County Courthouse located at 208 E Colvin Ave Warren, MN 56762 in Meeting Room #1, and Virtually using the link below. 

Virtual Meeting Link


Policy Committee

The Primary role of the Policy Committee is to collectively develop and adopt, as local government units, a coordinated watershed management plan within the Middle-Snake-Tamarac Watershed. Bylaws have been adopted to guide the decision making process, leadership, and direction of process for the Policy Committee. Expectations are that the Policy Committee will engage in constructive discussion and debate about issues addressed by the plan and provide consensus direction on plan development matters to the Steering Committee. The Policy Committee will also review and approve membership on the Advisory Committee. Meeting commitments for the Policy Committee are expected to be every other month, or as needed. The policy committee has additional obligations as described by the Memorandum of Agreement executed by the Partnership. 

Policy Committee Members

Entity Delegate


Marshall County Rolland Miller

Jim Duckstad

Marshall County SWCD Brent Miller  Carl Green
Polk County  Mark Holy  
West Polk SWCD Derek Peterson  
Middle Snake Tamarac WD Bill Petersen John Nelson