Steering Committee

Steering Committee Background

The Steering Committee is comprised of local SWCD, County, and Watershed District staff for the purposes of logistical and day-to-day decision-making in the planning process. The Steering Committee includes the plan writing consultant and BWSR Board of Conservationist who are also responsible for assembling the draft and final plan. Members of the Steering Committee are responsible for providing information needed for the planning process, reviewing and accepting draft plan related information, and assisting in plan development. Steering Committee members are also responsible for providing plan status updated back to their local boards. 


Steering Committee Members

Darren Carlson Marshall Co SWCD
Josh Johnston Marshall Co
Kyle Jore Marshall/Pennington Co
Nicole Bernd West Polk SWCD
Jake Snyder Polk Co
Mori Maher MSTRWD
Katrina Hauge MSTRWD
Matt Fischer BWSR
Henry VanOffelen BWSR