Agassiz Valley Water Resource Management Project

The Agassiz Valley Water Resource Management Project (AGV) is an off-channel impoundment in the vicinity of Comstock Strip Township and McCrea Strip Township in Marshall County and Helgeland Township and Brislet Township in Polk County. AGV occupies four sections of land and includes 2 inlet ditches to total approximately 2,600 acres in Marshall and Polk Counties. The impoundment temporarily stores floodwater originating in the drainage area of Judicial Ditch #25-1.


The process to develop AGV was from the outcome of the Mediation Agreement between the agencies with the State of Minnesota, Red River Watershed Management Board, USACOE, USFWS, MN Center for Environmental Advocacy & National Audubon Society. The project was one of four funded by the State Legislature at a cost share of 75% State and 25% local. A multi-purpose project, it combines flood control and environmental enhancement features. Groundbreaking for the project was held June 24, 2008 and the project was operational in the spring of 2010.


AGV has a significant impact in reducing flood damages in the Snake River Basin and also reduces flood damages in the Red River Basin, although to a lesser degree. In addition to providing significant flood control and water quality benefits, the project provides grassland and woodland habitat, increased species diversity, educational and recreational opportunities,  overlooks, and a 700 acre feet summer low flow augmentation for the Snake River.

Project Statistics
Drainage Area: ~31.6 sq miles
Total Floodwater Storage: 10,670 ac ft = 6.4″ of runoff
Gated Flood Storage: 6,840 ac ft= 4.1″ of runoff
Temporary Flood Storage: 3,830 ac ft= 2.3″ of runoff
Approximate Land Requirements: 2,600 acres
Prairie and emergent wetland area: ~480 acres
Estimated Total Cost: $10,700,000