The Board of Managers will hold a Hearing on the Proposed 2022 Budget on August  16, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. , at the District Office, 453 N McKinley St, Warren, MN .  Notice of Budget Hearing 


The Board of Managers will hold a hearing on a petition to add lands to the JD#25-1 benefited area on September 7, 2021 at 10:00 A.M. at the District office located at 453 North McKinley Street Warren, MN 56762. Notice of Hearing


 Press Release

Project Name: Lilac Ridge Water Management Project

Location: Sections 31 and 32, T155N, R44W; Section 36, T155N, R45W; Section 5 and 6, T154N, R44W; Section 1 and 2, T154N, R45W

Project Description:

The Middle-Snake-Tamarac Rivers Watershed District (MSTRWD) in an effort to improve flood protection within the Judicial Ditch (JD) 14 sub-watershed proposes the construction of the Lilac Ridge Water Management Project which consists of an off-channel impoundment located primarily in the north ½ of Section 1 in Viking Strip Township along with channel grade stabilization of approximately 3 miles of JD 14 Main Branch within the Lilac Ridge area. The Lilac Ridge Road structure is proposed to increase from a single line of 60-inch pipe to 3-lines of 72-inch, and the inverts lowered approximately 5-feet to the proposed ditch grade. To get flows from the JD 14 Main Branch into the site, an inlet structure would be constructed across JD 14 approximately one mile west of Lilac Ridge Road. Low flow would continue down JD 14 while high flows would be directed into the impoundment site through an earthen weir. The impoundment site would also include an outlet riser structure to release flows back into the JD 14 system once downstream conditions subside.

Environmental Assessment Worksheet Document

Comment Period Expires: Thursday July 29, 2021

Procedure for Commenting: Please submit your comments to the following email address: info@mstrwd.org



The Public Hearing for the Middle Snake Tamarac Rivers Watershed District Proposed Amended Rules is scheduled for Monday July 19, 2021 at 10:00 A.M. This Public hearing will be held at the District office located at 453 N McKinley Warren, MN 56762. Below you can find the Proposed Amended Rules to review. If you have any questions feel free to contact the District Office. 

2021 Proposed Amended Rules 

MSTRWD Downstream River Gauge Levels

Prediction Site

Current Level (ft) 

Moderate Flood Stage (ft) Major Flood Stage (ft)
East Grand Forks 15.01 40.0 46.0
Oslo  >4.00 30.00 36.0
Drayton  11.15 38.00 42.0
This table is updated Daily Monday-Friday excluding National holidays.  Last Updated 7-27-21 Landowners are Responsible for monitoring Downstream conditions during High Flow and Flooding events. This table is to be used as a tool Only.

Green = Tile Pumping Allowed

Red= Tile Pumping Not Allowed. 

Newfolden Flood Prevention Project Brochure


2021 Hunting Season

The 2021 Hunting Application to hunt on MSTRWD property is available on the “Permits” tab.  If you do not have access to a printer, stop by the office to complete the permit.  Please pay attention to the rules and check out the “Hunting Maps” under the “Permits” tab, as these are the only places that the public is welcome to hunt. 


COVID-19 Preparedness Reopen Plan