Angus-Oslo 1

The Board of Managers of the Middle River Snake River Watershed District (now the Middle Snake Tamarac Rivers Watershed District) established the Angus Oslo Site #1 Impoundment in 1982. The property is a historic swamp and locally is called the “Burwell Swamp”.

Primarily a flood control project, Angus-Oslo #1 also provides incidental wildlife benefits. The project included land acquisition, inlet ditches, and construction of the outlet structure. The affected area includes a wetland area totaling approximately 125 acres and approximately 145 acres of cropland. The impoundment is 34.4 channel miles upstream from the Red River.The drainage area upstream is approximately 3.12 square miles. Gated storage is estimated at 290 acre feet.

Completed in 1983, the $152,000 project was funded by the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCMR), the Red River Watershed Management Board and the Middle River Snake River Watershed District project fund.